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Why We Developed an Affordable System to Deal with the IRS

As an attorney representing taxpayers for over 25 years, I saw a huge injustice to the typical taxpayer who could not afford expensive legal fees. As such, the majority of the taxpayers were not being serviced by law firms and were unable to deal with their IRS problems themselves - there was no help through the IRS resolution process. While there is plenty of help for taxpayers willing to pay several thousands of dollars to tax law firms, there was no one helping the vast majority of taxpayers.

We changed all that when we came up with the IRS Express system. We took decades of experience solving tax problems and used technology to provide taxpayers with a superior resolution. Using IRS algorithms and equations, we have designed an efficient and effective system to resolve IRS problems.

- Samuel Landis

Samuel Landis

Acclaimed Tax Attorney & Tax Law Professor

Samuel Landis

Since obtaining his law degree, Samuel Landis has gone on to earn his masters’ degree (LL.M) in taxation law from Boston University. As a highly rated adjunct tax law professor for over 15 years, Samuel Landis has helped to teach aspiring attorneys the intricacies of the US Tax Code. He has also had the courage and tenacity to push through many advancements in IRS settlement techniques. He has been one of the pioneering and driving forces in IRS controversy resolution. He has developed numerous techniques to resolve IRS matters, which are effective and efficient for both client settlement and IRS processing, equally. As a result, he has gained a superlative reputation for his innovative solutions to resolving the most difficult tax problems.

Samuel Landis has represented some of the largest tax cases in both the entertainment and music industry due to his exceptional quality of work and his commitment to maintaining the utmost level of discretion and privacy for his clients.

Gregory Segal

IRS Controversy Resolution Tax Attorney

Gregory Segal

With a 15 year background in civil litigation, Gregory Segal has gained the reputation of not “giving in” or “settling” if he believes a better result is possible. Gregory Segal, along with his partner Samuel Landis, has been one of the pioneering and driving forces in IRS controversy resolution. Gregory Segal has handled a variety of complex, news grabbing cases featured in various legal and entertainment journals. In addition, he has served as a legal analyst for ABC talk radio on various legal issues as well as maintaining a reputation as a highly rated lecturer on tax resolution issues to CPAs and accountants.

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