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Find out how the Offer in Compromise can reduce your IRS tax debt

You can file an Offer in Compromise which may reduce your debt owed to the IRS by as much as 95%. There are legitimate ways to reduce your tax debt to the IRS and by far the most common and effective way to reduce your debt is with a process called the Offer in Compromise. The Offer in Compromise process determines the amount you owe based entirely on your ability to pay. As mandated by Congress, the Offer in Compromise is entirely based on a formula and it allows you to legally reduce your tax debt, sometimes as much as 95%. For example, if you owe the IRS $60,000 but the IRS Offer in Compromise formula shows that you can only afford to pay $4,000, then you only pay $4,000. It's that simple. If you have received a tax lien or you are being threatened with a bank levy or wage garnishment, the Offer in Compromise may help to stop these actions as well. To determine if you may qualify for an Offer in Compromise, you can use this free Offer in Compromise calculator.

The Offer in Compromise is a series of different forms which are combined together to complete the settlement. Unfortunately, most Offers to the IRS fail, including the ones submitted by high priced services. This is because a proper qualification analysis is rarely done. Before you even start submitting your Offer in Compromise, you first need to find out if you qualify.

The Offer in Compromise is for people who can't pay their back taxes. First, you need to make sure all missing returns are filed. It is actually common for taxpayers who need an Offer in Compromise to have unfiled tax returns. Fortunately we have a solution for solving this problem. If you have unfiled returns, click on the unfiled returns button. Second, be sure that you have the proper withholdings from you paycheck if you're an employee. If you are self employed, you need to be current with your estimated tax payments. Third, you may not apply for an Offer in Compromise if you are currently in a bankruptcy. While you can file an Offer in Compromise yourself, the process can be daunting, lengthy and intimidating.

The problem with most Offers is that they fail meet IRS standards. Years of experience have gone into unlocking the secrets of the IRS standards and algorithms. These secrets and algorithms are programmed into the IRS Express System. The IRS Express System is designed to help taxpayers that can’t afford the $3,000 to $7,000 that typical tax services charge. Now with the IRS Express System, everyone now can receive professional tax help to resolve their IRS problems. The IRS Express system is simple and guides you through the Offer in Compromise process with videos. All you have to do is answer easy questions with information you already know. (i.e. "what kind of car do you have" or "how old are you"). The system was developed by the renowned tax law firm of Segal, Cohen and Landis LLP.

The IRS uses obscure formulas and equations to determine how much tax they will settle for. Our IRS Express System uses these same formulas and equations and therefore we can get you the best results possible while simultaneously avoiding common mistakes that the majority of taxpayers make.

The IRS Express System is only $500 and is guaranteed. If you qualify for an Offer in Compromise and the IRS does not grant you an Offer, you will receive a full refund. With our money back guarantee, you can’t lose.

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